Wine Awards, Playground Plans, Pump Prices Plummeting, Oh, MY!


Drivers in Farmington and New Mexico finally see some relief at the gas pump - but it might be short-lived. Preliminary plans are presented for the all-abilities park at the old Tibbits Middle School, as well as an updated price tag. And Wines of the San Juan receive an international round of applause for its Tempranillo wine. This story is sponsored by Distil Beer Wine Spirits and Ute Mountain Casino

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Gas prices in New Mexico are dropping after the July 4th holiday. Although Farmington has had higher than average prices compared to the rest of New Mexico. A presentation to City Council on July 12th for the proposed All Abilities Park, included plans for how the park may come together, along with an updated price tag that includes renovations of the old Tibbetts Middle School Library. The Wines of the San Juan saw its grapes on an international stage in June. You're watching the Local News Roundup, brought to you by Distil Beer Wine and Spirits, and Ute Mountain Casino Hotel. I'm Hailey Opsahl. Farmington experienced the biggest one week decline in gas prices since the middle of April, according to Triple A's Mexico Weekend Gas Watch, released July 14th. Across New Mexico, the average price of gas dropped from $4.75 to $4.44. While prices in Farmington are trending higher than the rest of the state, the price drop probably comes as a relief. Gas prices are often dependent on both supply and demand, but Triple A states that summer prices tend to be affected more by demand, especially around the holiday weekends, like the 4th of July. Prices likely will remain fairly high until after Labor Day when children return to school and fewer people are driving on vacation trips. To see updated gas prices in New Mexico, visit Triple A's New Mexico Weekend Gas Watch at Preliminary plans for the All Abilities Park proposed at the old Tibbetts Middle School were unveiled at the City Council's July 12th meeting. The park, a space for individuals of all abilities and all ages will make use of the existing school library as well as in corporate design elements to mimic the Southwestern landscape. The updated design came with an updated project cost, now estimated at $13 million, an increase over the original estimate of $10 million. The most expensive part of the project will be landscaping and irrigation, predicted to take about $2.2 million of the budget. $1.8 million will be used to renovate the Tibbetts Middle School Library to create offices, some community multi-use space, as well as space for one of three park restrooms. Design plans include a weeping rock as a sensory piece, a textured sound path, space for multi-use courts, several playground areas as well as quiet places. Three parking lots and three restrooms also are part of the plan. The final design presentation will be in late August and the development implementation plan is set for September. To view the July 12th presentation, visit Wines of the San Juan has received international recognition for it's Tempranillo wine. The win was presented by international wine judge and sommelier Michelle Padberg, owner of Vivac Winery. Padberg presented the wine as a representative of the American Southwest to an international panel of wine reviewers and sommeliers. And it was well received. Padberg said, "The wine showed baked fruit notes that handled the earthly flavors of the dish nicely, while it's excellent structure brought liveliness and personality to the pairing." Each person in attendance wanted to know if Tempranillo would become the New Mexico grape. This wine shows the terroir we have to offer while demonstrating true old-world style, balance of fruit and natural acidity. Visit the Wines of the San Juan to try some of the wine for yourself. Off Highway 511 or visit the website to see wine offerings and events of That's it for this week's Local News Roundup. I am Hailey Opsahl.


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