Farmington Local News was launched in January 2021 by Local NEWS Network and is LNN's 5th location to launch. We are committed to creating and broadcasting local news about Farmington and San Juan County, New Mexico that celebrates our local community, as well as success stories on businesses and people doing great things in the region

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Meet the FARMINGTON local news Team

Donna Hewett


News Producer

Donna Hewett is a third generation Farmington native. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism.

She became an “accidental” food critic for an English-language magazine in Paris after graduation. After many misadventures oversees, she sold her grandmother’s ruby ring for a one-way ticket to New York City, where she flourished for 15 years.

Hewett came back home for a visit, where she reconnected with and married the love of her life. In addition to her work for Farmington Local News and LNN, she writes essays for the Durango Telegraph. She enjoys golfing, gardening and the culinary arts.

Wendy Graham Settle


News Host

Wendy Graham Settle (PHR, SHRM-CP) is a dynamic Learning and Development professional with a passion for marketing. Her superpower is clear written and verbal communication on camera or in front of live audiences. Her rich 20 year career includes work with small tech startups and large Fortune 500 corporations. Wendy's international relations background and energy for travel and languages gives her a global view that makes it easy for her to quickly connect and influence. She is a credentialed human resource professional through the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Human Capital Institute (HCI). Outside of corporate training, Wendy leads a variety of music, song and dance events across the USA and around the world.

Zach Marqua


Video Editor

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Film from Montana State University, Zach moved to Los Angeles where he worked freelance in the film and television industry. When the pandemic brought him back to his hometown Durango in 2020, he had a serendipitous encounter with Matt Crossett of the LNN while hiking, and soon after joined the LNN team. As videographer and editor, Zach employs his love for visual storytelling to produce content that's relevant and engaging to the community he loves the most.

Hannah Robertson


News Host

Hannah Robertson is a Durango native who grew up exploring the Four Corners area. After graduating from Cornell College in Iowa with a Bachelors in English and History, she moved to Wales in the United Kingdom to pursue a Masters of International Journalism at Cardiff University. After returning to Durango due to the pandemic, she met with Laurie Sigillito and joined the news team as a journalist and video editor, where she has continued to hone her writing and video skills for both Durango news stories and beginning in Farmington in March 2022. Outside of the news world, Hannah enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling.

Deborah Uroda


News Director

After an award-winning journalism career, she joined Laurie in 2013 to launch Durango TV and blended her knowledge of journalism and public relations to build a proven process for creating short video news stories that are relevant to the community and have in-depth reporting. As NEWS Producer of LNN, she trains journalists how to transition from a print-based writer to a video journalist, how to find relevant and important stories in their community, and how to write stories using the LNN VideoScript Template™.

Laurie Sigillito


Executive Producer

After a successful career in technology and management, Laurie opened the Durango FASTSIGNS® in 2009. In 2013, she purchased DurangoTV. Laurie was the Colorado State Competition winner with her 2018 Business Plan for starting a visual communications company. She was also awarded Entrepreneur for the year award in 2020 by Durango Chamber of Commerce and FASTSIGNS Award her their prodigious FASTSIGNS Franchisee of the year in 2015.

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