Wendy's Journey with PHD Weight Loss - Episode 6


Wendy is no longer letting her weight interfere with her life and her goals. PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition have given her the tools to not only lose the weight, but maintain it as well.

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Throughout my life, not being at my optimum weight decreased my self confidence and self-esteem. I've let carrying extra weight hold me back from pursuing jobs, relationships, doing bucket list items, and making my dreams come true. I've even delayed doing something because I didn't yet have my ideal body, but this year I'm making a permanent change in my life, with PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition. So that from this day on weight is no longer my excuse for not living fully. The program has made it simple to shed nearly 20 pounds, collapse over 2% of my body fat and decrease my visceral fat rating to a six. If extra weight is holding you back and you're waiting until you have your ideal body to make your dreams a reality, then get started on your weight loss journey today with PHD and start living your life.


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