Unexpectedly Wonderful Greenhouse in Kirtland, NM


If spring is best greeted in the garden, it’s best started at Manning’s Greenhouse in Kirtland, New Mexico, nine miles west of Farmington. Locally owned for 35 years, it offers wholesalers and retailers the best selection of annuals, herbs, vegetables, and perennials, and hanging flower baskets. By Donna K. Hewett. This story is sponsored by Traegers Bar and SunRay Park and Casino

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If spring is best greeted in the garden, it's best started at Manning's Greenhouse in Kirtland, New Mexico, nine miles west of Farmington. Family owned and operated for 35 years, it's the four corners premier location to shop for annuals, herbs, vegetables, perennials, and hanging flower baskets. You're watching the Local News Network brought to you by Traegers and Sunray Park and Casino. I'm Wendy Graham-Settle. With over 135,000 square feet of growing area, the greenhouse offers a staggering variety of plants.

It's so much larger and the variety and the health of the plants.

It doesn't compare. It doesn't compare to others. This is so wonderful and everything is so beautiful and healthy.

At this time of year, planters work 10 hours a day. And with 22 houses on the property, they have lots of wholesale business to organize and ship.

This area is, so it gets more sun out here. So these are all your sun premiums. They'll come back every year. So we plant, usually these, we shipped out a lot. These tables are usually completely full. We ship to all the state of New Mexico. We ship lots to Albuquerque, to Cruces, to Silver City, to Hatch, everywhere, and then into Colorado to Pagosa, Cortez, and all of those. We sell to nurseries. We sell to ACE Hardware. We sell to all of those. So yeah, so it's big time

Though the prices might be a tad more than what the big box stores charge, the quality is worth every penny. One chopper found a very healthy looking blue moon woodland flox, a shade loving perennial that grows a foot tall and wide.

Where am I going to plant this? At my front door. So when my friends come over they can see how beautiful this is, gets really big, grows real nice.

Manning's is open through the fall season, but with no sign, it's easy to miss. Always closed Sundays. The greenhouse is located at number 29 Road, 6299. For more information, go to manningsgreenhouse.com. Thanks for watching this edition of the Local News Network. I'm Wendy Graham-Settle.


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