Summer Lake Season Kick-Off

April 18, 2024

Lake Farmington has kicked off its summer season, offering opportunities for boating, paddleboarding, and kayaking from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily, with the beach opening on May 25th. New this year is an inflatable aqua park at the beach, set to open on Memorial Day weekend. Fort Lewis College will host the Four Corners Climate Summit on April 27th, featuring presentations by climate experts, including a keynote by environmentalist Terry Tempest Williams. Additionally, San Juan County is renewing efforts with Septic Safe San Juan County to educate residents about the dangers of unsecured septic tank lids, aiming to prevent accidents, especially among children, during the warmer months. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by SunRay Park and Casino and Durango Motor Company.

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Lake Farmington opened for the summer season April 8th with plans to continue to expand beachfront opportunities with a new inflatable waterpark. Fort Lewis College will host the inaugural Four Corners Climate Summit to discuss how climate change is impacting the Southwest. And with spring and forest Septic Safe, San Juan County is back to better educate the county about the dangers of unsecured septic tank lids. You're watching the Local News Roundup, brought to you by Sunray Park and Casino and Durango Motor Company. I'm Connor Shreve. The popular outdoor recreation area at Lake Farmington opened for its summer season April 8th. The lake is open to electric and non-motorized boats that have passed inspection, as well as paddleboards and kayaks. The lake is open from seven to seven daily, although the beach will not be open until May 25th. All boats must have a watercraft pass granted after a boat inspection. New this year as an Aqua Park featuring 20 to 30 inflatable structures at the beach, opening as soon as Memorial Day weekend. Admission to the Aqua Park will cost $5, and there will be five available sessions every day for a limited number of swimmers to keep everyone safe. Day trips cost a dollar and an annual pass costs $50. Check online for updated info about access, watercraft passes, rules, and reservation information for the campground, beach, and fishing regulations. Fort Lewis College will host the inaugural Four Corners Climate Summit April 27th. The day-long event will include presentations from authors of Fifth National Climate Assessment that documented the vulnerabilities, impacts, and risks associated with climate change in the Southwest. Keynote speaker will be renowned environmentalist and writer, Terry Tempest Williams. And other speakers include national policymakers, artists, local scientists, and social justice advocates. The event is free, but RSVPs are encouraged due to limited space. Find more info about the event, speaker lineup, and more at the Climate Summit website. Septic Safe San Juan County was created last year to educate the county on the dangers of unsecured septic tank lids. The county responds to a high rate of instances of children falling through damaged or loose septic tank lids, which can cause injury and even death. In the last five years, the five such cases of children falling into tanks have led to permanent or fatal injuries, and San Juan County officials want to change that stat. As the weather begins warming up and people and children are spending more time outside, San Juan County officials are asking people to inspect their septic tank lids, replace any failing covers, and mark the location. Encourage children not to play on or around the lids, and possibly invest in some measures to increase the safety of your septic tank. Learn more about these and other stories online at Thanks for watching this edition of the Local News Roundup. I'm Connor Shreve.


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