Summer Construction Season Begins, New Police Station


Be prepared for road closures and detours as summer road construction ramps up. The City of Farmington announces the purchase of a new building for the Farmington Police Department, and mark your calendar for Friday lunchtime fun. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by the Man Cave Barber and SunRay Park & Casino

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The City of Farmington has announced, it will acquire the former Hilcorp building to serve as the new Farmington Police Department Headquarters. As summer road construction, ramps up, be prepared to take alternate routes, and stop by Orchard Park for some T.G.I.F. fun. You're watching the Local News Roundup, brought to you by the Man Cave Barber and Sunray Park & Casino. I'm Hailey Epsill. As of Friday, June 17th, Road 6575 in Kirkland, is closed to northbound traffic for road construction. Southbound traffic, pedestrian traffic, and bicycle traffic will continue as normal. The closure is expected to last about 60 days for the construction project. Plan to use alternative routes if headed north during the closure. For more information, call San Juan County Public Works at 5-0-5-3-3-4-4-5-2-0. During the city council session on June 3rd, the city voted, unanimously, to approve the purchase of the former Hilcorp building at 5750 Bloomfield Highway for about $3 million. The acquisition will become the new Farmington Police Department. Farmington Police Department's current station, at 900 Municipal Drive, last had a major renovation in 2003. Built in the 1950s, it has become too small, with the growing department's needs for space and services. The Hilcorp building has the space to house, not just those services at the current station, but several of the other department services that are working in auxiliary buildings. The building will require additional alterations to meet police department specific needs. Remodeling estimates are between $2-3 million. The move to the new headquarters will not happen overnight. The department still must analyze how to make the best use of the new space. T.G.I.F., thank goodness it's Friday, this summer, kick back and relax every Friday, with live music and good food at Orchard Park. Stop by from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM for music from a variety of artists and bands. The event is free. Three Rivers Brewery will sell pizza for $4-5 a slice, and sodas for a dollar a piece to round out the summer fun. To learn what group is performing and for more information, visit That's it for this week's Local News Roundup. I'm Haley Epsill.


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