SJC Receives $1.1 Million for Student Health Center

April 26, 2023

The Aztec Boys and Girls Club is hosting a spring craft fair on April 29th featuring local artists and craftsmen. San Juan College has received a $1.1 million federal appropriation secured by U.S. Representative Teresa Leger Fernandez for the construction of a new student health facility, and access to McPhee Reservoir in Southwest Colorado is increasing as summer approaches. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by Ace Hardware of Farmington and The Big Idea Makerspace at San Juan College

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Aztec Boys and Girls Club invites you to support the organization at a spring crafts fair featuring local artists. US Representative Teresa Leger Fernandez presented San Juan College with a 1.1 million dollar federal appropriation for the construction of a new student health center. And McPhee Reservoir in southwest Colorado has announced new summer access hours. You're watching the Local News Roundup, brought to you by Ace Hardware of Farmington and the Big Idea Maker Space at San Juan College. I'm Hailey Opsal. The Aztec Boys and Girls Club is hosting a Spring craft fair Saturday, April 29th from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The fair will feature a variety of vender booths featuring local artists, craftsmen, galleries, and more. Come celebrate the 50 years of service by the Aztec Boys and Girls Club and support local artists at the event, hosted at 311 South Owl street in Aztec. There is a $5 entry fee, 15 and under get in free. The Boys and Girls Club provides activities and a safe space for children and youths in the community. San Juan College is the recipient of a 1.1 million dollar federal appropriation for the construction of a new student health facility, secured by US Representative Theresa Leger Fernandez. The facility will offer medical and mental health services to San Juan College students, eliminating access barriers such as distance to other facilities and reducing the stigma of seeking help. The 1.1 million dollars covers half of the cost of the proposed facility. The other half is provided through a state appropriation. San Juan College has put the project out for bids, and plans for the facility to be completed by fall 2024. The facility will initially have three full-time staff, and will offer students unlimited visits for a flat $20 fee added to the overall student fees. Access to McPhee Reservoir is increasing as summer draws closer. The San Juan National Forest Dolores District is planning on opening the House Creek boat ramp on May 1st. Hours are from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday through October 1st. Access to the main McPhee boat ramp is already open, and will remain open for motorized boating activities through October 31st. Current boat registration is required through Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Aquatic nuisance species inspectors will be on site to conduct pre-launch inspections of trailered and motorized boats launching onto the reservoir to help stop the spread of invasive species. Boaters who need a full inspection and decontamination are urged to visit the lake during the weekday, when visitation is lower than on the weekend. Boaters who have tags from last year's inspections on McPhee will be able to enter the lake quicker than boaters who need inspections. For more information, visit the San Juan National Forest boating webpage. Learn more about these and other stories online at Thank you for watching this edition of the Local News Roundup. I'm Hailey Opsal.


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