Setting Up San Juan County Youths for Success

February 28, 2024

The Farmington City Council and San Juan County have installed the first Safe Haven Baby Box in San Juan County. Superintendent Cody Diehl’s contract with Farmington Municipal Schools has been extended through June 2027 as of the February 13th School Board meeting, and join 100% San Juan County’s book club, reading the book that started a movement. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by Sunray Park and Casino and Distill Beer Wine Spirits.

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Farmington celebrated the installation of a Safe Haven baby box, the first in the county. The Farmington Municipal School voted to extend Superintendent Cody Deal's contract through 2027 at the February 13th School board meeting, and 100% San Juan County invites you to a book club meeting discussing the book that started the 100% New Mexico movement. You're watching the "Local News Roundup", brought to you by Sunray Park and Casino and Distilled Beer, Wine, Spirits. I'm Zach Markwa. The first Safe Haven baby box in San Juan County was installed at Fire Station Number Two last week. A Safe Haven baby box provides an option for parents who don't feel like they have an alternative to safely surrender an infant to local authorities. The box has an opening on the outside of the station for the infant to be placed in. Once the infant is in the box, a silent alarm alerts both a remote monitoring company and the local emergency dispatch center. The box will be locked from the outside and can only be accessed from inside the station, where the infant can receive the necessary medical care. The box at Farmington Fire Station is one of seven in the state of New Mexico, and one of 205 operating across the country. The Farmington City Council approved the installation of the box in October 2023 to better serve the community. The New Mexico legislature has set aside $10,000 per county to help fund the installation of Safe Haven Boxes in every county. Superintendent Cody Deal's contract has been extended through 2027, as voted at the February 13th Farmington Municipal School board meeting. Deal took over as the FMS Superintendent in April 2022. Previously, he worked with the district as the Director of Social Services. The extension is the only change to Deal's contract. In a statement to the board, Deal expressed his gratitude for the decision and expressed his commitment to preserving the excellence of the schools and the individual students at FMS. Deal previously served as the principal at Bloomfield High School and Kirtland Central High School. 100% San Juan County invites you to a book club to read the book that started a movement. "Anna, Age 8" inspired the 100% New Mexico initiative, which seeks to identify vital services for the people of New Mexico to survive and thrive. 100% San Juan County focuses on connecting San Juan County services with each other and the people who need them. Download a free copy of "Anna, Age 8" and discuss it at Artifacts Gallery on Saturday, March 2nd, from nine to 10:00 AM. Want to learn more about 100% San Juan County or get involved? There are still spaces available for the 2024 Summit on Friday, April 26th. Learn more about these and other stories online at Thank you for watching this edition of the "Local News Network". I'm Zach Markwa.


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