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“Perpetual Motion,” the third concert for the San Juan Symphony’s 36th season, was an evening of up-beat, fast-paced music, featuring Grammy winning violinist Karen Kim at Henderson Fine Arts Center Performance Hall in Farmington. By Donna K. Hewett. This story is sponsored by SunRay Park and Casino and Service Master Restore

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San Juan Symphony's 36th season, appropriately entitled "The Sound of Resilience." continues to perform before a live audience, after 20 long months of virtual live streaming for their third concert Perpetual Motion. Music director Thomas Heuser introduced the audience to composers they may not know and explored new sounds mostly lighthearted and upbeat. You're watching the local news network brought to you by Sunray Park and Casino and Service Master Restore. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. Perpetual motion is a line from Samuel Barber's concerto for violin full of flash and rapidity. Barbara wrote it in the 1930s to showcase the soloist in this case, Grammy winning violinist and Sam Juan symphony, guest artist, Karen Kim The program also featured two other lesser known composers American Florence Price and Frenchman Albert Roussell. Along with Barbara, all three were known for their work in the 20th century. Though their compositions reflect different styles, they complimented each other in the program.

Well, this program really explores everything that's wonderful about the 20th century. It's an assimilation of styles, it's assimilation of dances, personalities, and all three of these composers on this program really showcase the differences in 20th century music. Each composer has their own voice, and we have these three distinct voices, two Americans and a Frenchmen on this program that showcases all of the variety and diversity of the 20th century.

In suite of dances Florence Price a black woman from Arkansas wrote compositions influenced by Folk, Ragtime and Soft Shoe music. Albert Roussell's petite suite for orchestra written in the 1920s is more abstract and dissident. A reflection of the big city streets of Paris.

There is one movement that I like more than the other in each one. I was so thoroughly entertained with each segment. It was our symphony is amazing, just amazing!

It was indeed, a night of emotional heartfelt ovra at the San Juan college campus in Farmington. Executive director of San Juan symphony for the previous fifteen years. Kathy Myrick was more than ecstatic along with her team to be back in action.

Wow! We're back in person last year was an all virtual season, and we we made it work. But, we recorded our music with no audience, and then launched it livestream. So this is a real treat to have everybody back in the theater again.

San Juan Symphony's final concert of the season Pride and Passion will celebrate life and country with bombastic displays of virtuosity. Scheduled for Saturday, April 9th at Henderson Performance Hall at San Juan college. There's still plenty of time to get tickets. Heuser will present a pre-cost lecture that starts one hour before the show. To purchase tickets or for more information go to San Juan Thank you for watching this edition of the local news network. I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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