Property Taxes, Balloon Festival, and National Museum Day


The fun has only just begun with the return of hot-air balloons to the Four Corners with the Four Corners Balloon Rally. The Aztec Museum and Pioneer Village is participating in the Smithsonian National Museum Day with food trucks and activities galore. It’s property tax time, so make sure your mailing address is up-to-date with the Office of the Treasurer, and stay healthy this flu season. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by This story is sponsored by Distil Beer Wine Spirits and Ute Mountain Casino Hotel

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Mark your calendars for the return of the Four Corners Balloon Rally this month, the Aztec Museum and Pioneer Village, will celebrate National Museum Day with free admission and family friendly activities all day. With the event a flu season, San Juan Health Partners Pediatrics, will offer extended hours on Saturdays. The Office of the Treasurer, would like you to ensure your mailing address is up to date, before property tax bills are sent out in late October. You're watching the "Local News Roundup," brought to you by Distil Beer, Wine, Spirits and Ute Mountain Casino Hotel. I'm Hayley Opsal. Get ready to see the sky filled with bright, colorful balloons, during the Four Corners Balloon Rally, September 23rd through the 25th. The Four Corners Balloon Rally picks up from the Farmington Invitational Balloon Festival, which ended in the early 2000s and welcomes sightseers and hot air balloon enthusiasts from all over. Daily balloon launches will be from 7 AM to 9 AM from Farmington Lake. Evening balloon glows and the morning launch are free to attend. Concerts are the first and second night of the rally. Tickets are for sale now. For more information about the rally or to find ticket information, visit The San Juan County Office of the Treasurer, reminds you to ensure that your mailing address is updated in its files, because property taxes will be mailed out by November 1st. The bills which allow payment in full by November 10th, are half of the payment on November 10th and the other half by April 10th, 2023, are mailed to the most recent address on the records. If you've changed your address recently, make sure you submit a change of address form to the Office of Treasurer. Bills must be paid whether or not you receive the notice in the mail. To avoid losing the bill in the mail, sign up for electronic billing at the Office of the Treasurer. To view past statements, submit your change of address form, pay online or request electronic billing. Visit and look under the Treasurer's office. San Juan Health Partners Pediatrics, will offer extended clinic hours on Saturdays, beginning September 10th, as the changing of seasons heralds the start of flu season. The extended clinic hours are open to established patients experiencing symptoms of illness, such as fever, chills, shortness of breath, cough and body aches. Clinic hours will be Saturdays from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM, through April next year. To learn more about San Juan Health Partners Pediatrics, visit The Aztec Museum and Pioneer Village in conjunction with the nationwide Smithsonian National Museum Day, will offer free admission Saturday, September 17th. Food, trucks, crafts and live music will be available from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the museum and adjacent Millennium Park. For more information, call 505 334-9829. That's it for this week's "Local News Roundup." I'm Hayley Opsal.


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