Old-Time Barbershop Fills Niche in Downtown Farmington


Whiskey & Lace Hair Parlour is a barbershop that pampers men—complete with hot towels, warm foam and straight razor shaves. By Donna Hewett. Sponsored by Farmington Ace Hardware and Service Master Restore

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The lost art of barbering, complete with hot towels, warm foam, and straight razor shaves, is making a return at Whiskey And Lace Hair Parlor in downtown Farmington. You're watching the Local News Network brought to you by Farmington Ace Hardware and Service Master Restore. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. It's all about today's man and his desire to be pampered using an old school approach.

It's something that a lot of barber shops I feel like got away from. The smaller feel, the more I'm not sure what the word, like intimate, you get more one on one with your client versus the bigger barber shops, it just seems like it's a little too busy for me.

Men want the whole barber shop experience complete with big comfy barber chairs, which at Whiskey And Lace, also serve as front row seats to weekend ball games. Open since last February, the small barbershop was a hit right away. Customers like Geraldo Castillo enjoy being treated with extra individual care. It's his fourth visit.

I would rather have them take the time and do a good job on it, than actually hurry up and do it. Because most barbershops I've been to, it usually takes like four minutes and it's not really a good job and it's not really thorough.

With three barbers in the store, 20 year old Karen Tarango is the only female. The profession runs in her family.

So for me, it was always kind of in the plans, just 'cause my mom and my brother are both barbers. So, when they started school, I got kind of interested as well. So then I thought, oh that could be fun, that could be something that I would like to do as well.

A former oil field worker, Jose Ulibarri, enjoys the barber lifestyle, which includes wearing three piece suits. His wife owns the shop and runs the business, he just works there quite happily.

What is that saying, if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life, that's coming in here everyday. There's never a day that I've come in here and I love the people I work with, and it's just fun, it's a great place to be.

So guys, indulge in the old art of getting a fresh young look for the holidays. Your lady will thank you. Whiskey And Lace is Located at 112 South Commercial Street. It's open seven days a week to walk-ins only. Go to facebook.com/whiskeyandlacehairparlour for more details. Thanks for watching this edition of the Local News Network, I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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