Mann Dance Academy Produces 14th Annual Assembly of Nutcracker


The Nutcracker was performed in two acts at the Henderson Fine Arts building at San Juan College. For sisters Judy and Becky Mann, owners of the Mann Dance Academy in Farmington, it was their 14th annual assembly of the classic ballet. The Nutcracker is often the first exposure to both ballet and classical music for children from 3 to 18. This year, the Mann sisters cast 60 children in the performance. By Donna K. Hewett This story is sponsored by Distill Beer, Wine, Spirits and Ace Hardware of Farmington

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Christmas performances produced by the Mann Dance Academy in Farmington, included the wholesome classic 19th century ballet, The Nutcracker. The 14th Nutcracker production by sisters Judy and Becky Mann is a Christmas mainstay that pays the bills for the rest of their season's productions. You're watching the Local News Network, brought to you by Distill Beer, Wine, Spirits and Ace Hardware Farmington. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. Most kids cut their teeth performing in the Nutcracker. It's often a child's first exposure to both ballet and classical music. This year, the Mann's sisters' cast 60 roles for children, including Mother Ginger's Troupe of Tots, who arrived on stage from beneath her tall skirt. At Mann Dance Academy three age levels of kids begin their training for Nutcracker, six months prior to the production.

We have a camp in the summer and all of those that are interested in becoming a lead performer in the Nutcracker, take camp and they learn all of the choreography designated for their age group.

Teaching is focused on musical and artistic concepts, stage protocol, poise, and self-preservation, standing on a stage in front of several hundred people. Along with the younger dancers, the more advanced students dance with ease and grace in beautiful platter tutus, as in the Waltz of Snowflakes. With 27 years of teaching local kids all kinds of dance, including ballet, tap, lyric, and hip hop. The Mann sister's have garnered amazing community support.

It's the heartbeat and it, it makes it all work, not just for us, but for all these kids. I mean, there are 60 kids in this show, and we do the Christmas Spectacular. And so there are 40 young dancers in that show and they have given their heart and soul for all year long. Some of them starting as early as July, studying roles, choosing what they, you know, really want to be. And some of those little kids, they say when they're five years old, I want to do that. I want to be that role. And by golly, you know they will do it. They will become that.

Mann Dance Academy encourages focus and hard work, friendship and fun. But it all begins with the joy and love of dance. For information about their spring recital, Encanto, or for enrollment, go to Thanks for watching this edition of The Local News Network. I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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