Local Filmmaker Film Premiere: RAMBO of the Carracas Mesa


Laura Harper began writing the script for a film about Rambo, her once-wild mustang who came from the Carracas Mesa. As she learned more about Rambo’s past, she found parallels between the horses and the evolution of New Mexico’s history, as well as her own life in the Southwest. The resulting film, “RAMBO of the Carracas Mesa,” ties together New Mexico history, wild horses, and everyday people to tell the story of the mustangs of San Juan County. This story is sponsored by Distil Beer Wine Spirits and SunRay Park & Casino

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When Laura Harper set out to create a film about her Mustang Rambo that once wandered the Carracas Mesa, what she didn't anticipate was creating a film that would tie together the threads of New Mexico's history, the genealogy of wild horses, and her own life in San Juan County. You're watching the local news network brought to you by Distill Beer, Wine and Spirits and Sunray Park and Casino. I'm Hayley Opsal.

Rambo of the Carracas Mesa is about my Mustang, Rambo and the history of the Hickory Mustangs. It tells the history dating back 50 million years ago when first modern horse came to North America and then about 2.5 million years ago when Equus Kabala became the modern horse of today. My love for For the Wild Horses began a long time ago. Just like the horse. But anyway, it was my experience in the Carracas mesa as a child that Rambo and I share the same memories. Although now Rambo is eight and I'm not eight years old. But it began i in my childhood experiences as well in the Carracas mesa. And the film covers the homesteaders and the mustangs of their era of the 19th century, from the Caracas mesa down to Carrizo Canyon, down clear to Pueblo Pinto, Mexico, New Mexico, where you will find Chaco Canyon. I think the most exciting thing that I have learned is A, that my horse, Rambo, a Jicarilla, a mustang, has the Gallus Sanyo DNA as his first marker, and then the second thing that I learned is really, where did Cibola come from? The seven cities of gold. And you will find that by coming to the film.

The San Juan Historical Society presents the premiere of Rambo of the Carracas Mesa on Saturday, July 16th, at the Farmington Civic Center. Tickets are $25 for adults, $18 for students and seniors. To purchase tickets, Visit the Farmington Civic Center box office at fmtn.org/shows. Thank you for watching this edition of the local news network. I'm Hayley Opsal.


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