Kids Let Their Rackets do the Talking at Tennis Camp


At Farmington Sports/Tennis Complex on the LaPlata Highway, hosts Summer/Fall Tennis Camps, ages 4-18. Tennis boosts personal growth. Kids learn things like hard work, determination and grit, while getting a great workout. Coach McGrath’s lessons are exhilarating. Donna K. Hewett. This story is sponsored by Boons Family Thai Barbeque and Three Rivers Brewing

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Summer is synonymous with tennis. Summer tennis day camp is synonymous with a ton of fun for the kids at the sports and tennis complex In Farmington. You're watching the "Local News Network," brought to you by Boon's Family Thai BBQ and Three Rivers Brewery. I'm Haley Opsal. The tennis camps introduce kids from ages 4 to 18 to the game's techniques, rules, and strategies. The game also introduces them to exercise.

Oh, one of the things we want to do is keep 'em active. And depending on whether they're, if they're young kids, we're more trying to just keep their focus, learning footwork. Could be throwing the tennis ball. Could be just rolling it. And then the upper grades, then, we're using different types of tennis balls.

You need balls to play tennis. Kids learn things like hard work, determination, and grit. But coach McGrath makes the lessons nothing less than exhilarating

All right. Here we go! Show me what you got. All right. I like it. Hit it back to me. I don't want to run. Marcus. That's a lot of running, buddy. Good one. Oh, we like high ones? There. There. Play with that. You're going to hit high to me. Next! Here we go. Here we go. Ah. Good hit.

A session includes four classes at the cost of meager $20. Introduction times vary by age. Nine year old Seaver in the 9:00 AM class explains how he got started in the sport.

My dad played and won a state championship. And then I tried last September and really liked it.

McGrath coached Farmington High School tennis girls team for 29 years. He coached tennis camps throughout the United States. He has a new event planned for the end of summer

Come fall, we'll be doing a mid school program, and that will not be with the city, that's something that the high school will run. Mid school program on Monday nights, goes for seven weeks. It only costs $10 and that covers the all seven weeks. And we'll do a 10 and under on Saturday mornings. And the same idea, the high school kids run it. Us coaches supervise it. And it also is just $10 for seven weeks

For tennis class times and dates, go to Thanks for watching this edition of the "Local News Network." I'm Haley Opsal.


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