Input Survey for Animas District Released

April 12, 2023

Leadership San Juan has opened applications for this year’s class. The City of Farmington is asking for community input for the Animas District and Healthcare Hub, asking residents to fill out a short survey to assess priorities for development. And just this month, San Juan County has launched a new program called Septic Safe San Juan County to better educate the county about the dangers of unsecured septic tank lids. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by CMIT Solutions and SunRay Park and Casino

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Applications for this year's class of Leadership San Juan are now open. The city of Farmington wants to hear from the community about development in the Animas District and Healthcare Hub. San Juan County has begun a new campaign called Septic Safe Spring to educate people on the dangers of unsecured septic tank lids. You're watching the "Local News Network," brought to you by Steemit Solutions and Sunray Park & Casino. I'm Hayley Opsal. Applications are now open for Leadership San Juan, a 10-month leadership program designed to help participants learn more about education, government, multicultural and business issues, criminal justice, healthcare, and media in San Juan County. The cost of the program is $800, but there are scholarships available. Applications are due by May 15th and the program begins in August. The commitment is one Friday a month, beginning in October 2023 through May 2024. Join a class of other talented, like-minded individuals in San Juan County as part of this year's class. The city of Farmington is asking for residents' input for development in the Animas District and Healthcare Hub as part of the Animas Area Healthcare Hub Action Plan. The plan aims to create a framework for development in the Healthcare Hub and Animas Area of Farmington, identify catalytic projects to spur future development, and provide guidelines for a common area identity to build on the history of the area and community hopes for the future. The survey wants to ascertain community members' needs and ideas for development in the area through a series of questions, ranking the importance of items such as accessibility and public amenities. San Juan County began a new campaign, April 5th, to educate the county on the dangers of unsecured septic tank lids. The county responds to a high rates of instances of children falling through damaged or loose septic tank lids, which can cause injury and even death. In the last five years, the five such cases of children falling into septic tanks have led to permanent or fatal injuries, and San Juan County officials want to change that statistic. As the weather begins warming up and people and children are spending more time outside, San Juan County officials are asking people to inspect their septic tin lids, replace any failing covers and mark the location clearly, encourage children not to play on or around the lids, and possibly invest in some measures to increase the safety of your septic tank. Learn more information at Learn more about these stories and others at Thank you for watching this edition of "Local News Network," I'm Hayley Opsal.


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