Firework Fun at McGee Park Again

June 30, 2023

Several sites in San Juan County are participating in the Summer Food Service Program, offering free meals to individuals under the age of 18. With the Fourth of July approaching, the county encourages the safe celebration of fireworks at McGee Park, emphasizing the importance of following fire safety guidelines. Elder Grown's Summer Camp at Tico Time, a one-night music festival, on July 8th, features live music and showcasing talents from various artists and music styles. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by Three Rivers Brewery and Pop’s Truck & RV Center

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Several sites across San Juan County are participating in the summer food program, offering free meals to young people under the age of 18. And it is that time of year again with the 4th of July approaching. McGee Park has opened for fireworks, so be sure to refresh your fire safety knowledge, especially as we head into the drier times of summer. And come join Tico Time for a celebration of all things music at the Elder Grown's Summer Music Camp, Saturday, July 8th. You're watching the "Local News Roundup," brought to you by 3 Rivers Brewery and Pop's Truck and RV Center. I'm Connor Shreve. The New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department's Family Nutrition Bureau and New Mexico Public Education Department are now administering a program providing free food to young people under the age of 18 this summer. The program is funded by the US Department of Agriculture with over 700 sites throughout the state, including over a dozen scattered across San Juan County. Most locations offer meals several days a week through the end of July with the goal to provide safe and predictable sources of meals for families during the summer. With food insecurity for many amping up during the summer without school-provided meals, the summer meal program is one way to alleviate childhood hunger. Find a full list of sites and operating hours at With the 4th of July drawing nearer, celebrate with fireworks safely at McGee Park. San Juan County Fire and Rescue is encouraging those who want to have fireworks to come set them off at McGee Park away from fire danger. The space is first come, first serve for use, and alcohol is prohibited. San Juan County has several important reminders for anyone planning on setting off fireworks this year. Always light fireworks on paved or barren flat ground, always read and follow label directions, always light fireworks outside. Always have a readily available water source and always light one firework at a time. Always dispose of your fireworks properly. Never relight fireworks that didn't go off, never let small children handle fireworks, never throw fireworks, never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers, and as fire danger ramps up with the summer heating up, San Juan County would like to remind people that fireworks are prohibited on BLM land and to always check conditions for fire dangers before lighting fireworks or engaging in any other activity using fire. The Durango-based band Elder Grown invites you to Elder Grown Summer Camp, a one night music festival on Saturday, July 8th, highlighting live music and talents from a variety of different groups. The goal of the festival is to provide a platform for artists of all backgrounds and music styles to showcase their art and music in the backdrop of the Animas River at Tico Time Resort. To help build your best concert experience, there are a variety of tickets and experiences ranging from the concert-only experience to a weekend-long trip. Find more information at Tico Time's website or on Elder Grown's website. Learn more about these and other stories online at Thank you for watching this edition of the "Local News Roundup." I'm Connor Shreve.


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