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The Four Corners Airport is $7.5 million closer to re-opening for passenger jet service, and San Juan Region Medical Center welcomes a new Chief Nursing Officer. Also, Father’s Day events are coming up! By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by CMIT Solutions and Three Rivers Brewing

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A grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation will fund much-needed improvements to the Four Corners Regional Airport Center, paving the way to the return of passenger flights. San Juan Regional Medical Center announces a new Chief Nursing Officer. And if you haven't figured out Father's Day plans yet, the Rio del Sol Kiwanis Club will host its Pancake Breakfast fundraiser. You're watching the Local NEWS Network, brought to you by CMIT Solutions and Three Rivers Brewing. I'm Hailey Upsel. San Juan Regional Medical Center announced a new Chief Nursing Officer. Kammie Monarch will assume the post from Suzane Smith, who retired in May after 38 years with San Juan Regional. Monarch is from Oklahoma City, where she was the Chief Nursing Officer at Oklahoma Medical University Center for 10 years. In the news release, Monarch said, "I look forward to having the honor to earn trust on our legacy and create new excitement and momentum to elevate SJRMC for the future." Monarch's first day will be June 20th. For more information about San Juan Regional Medical Center, visit The Four Corners Regional Airport received a $7.5 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The money will be used to replace one of the taxiways at the airport. Airport Manager Mike Lewis said the grant will cover about 94% of the cost of the replacement, with city and state revenues covering the rest. The taxiway runs parallel to the takeoff and landing runways with a northwest to southwest trajectory. The taxiway needs to be moved several feet to the south to comply with Federal Aviation Administration regulations. The improvements will allow the airport to handle larger aircraft. The project will begin later this summer. The return of passenger jet service is still ways off, but the upcoming taxiway project is a big step in the right direction. Looking for a tasty way to celebrate Father's Day weekend? The Rio del Sol Kiwanis Club will serve its annual Pancake Breakfast on June 18th. The full Pancake Breakfast, including pancakes, eggs, bacon, coffee, milk, and juice, will be at Outback Steakhouse from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Purchase tickets online, at Outback, or from a Kiwanis member for $10. All proceeds from the Pancake Breakfast will support Kiwanis Clothes for Kids. Tickets are available online at Thank you for watching this week's Local NEWS Roundup. I'm Hailey Upsel.


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