Farmington Students Gain Skills in the Film and TV Industry


Farmington students were offered free training by Stagecoach Foundation, a non-profit started in hopes of bringing more film production to New Mexico. Created by George R.R. Martin in Santa Fe, students at San Juan College were taught by pros in four departments: camera, grip and electric, sound, and acting for the camera. By Donna K. Hewett. This story is sponsored by SunRay Park and Casino and Distil Beer, Wine, Spirits

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Before trains, planes, and automobiles it was the Stagecoach that bought brought people to cities and towns. The Stagecoach Foundation was started in hopes of bringing more film productions to Santa Fe and the state of New Mexico. Now, five years later, the nonprofit is providing national endowment for the humanities grant funded immersive training for students in more rural areas like Farmington. You're watching the Local News Network brought to you by Sun Ray Park & Casino and Distil Beer Wine & Spirits I'm Hannah Robertson. Started in part by "Game of Thrones" creator, George R. R. Martin, Stagecoach Foundation is dedicated to creating career pathways for New Mexicans in the film and television industry. It offers training in four categories, camera, grip and electric, sound, and acting for the camera. Students are taught by people who are in local unions and at the top of their game. One of the pros shooting a short movie at San Juan College was film director, Hank Rogerson.

They were making a film called "Office Peoples" and it's a short film that takes place in, you know an office type setting. Some janitors discover some homeless people and you know, they work through trying to make everything work out, I guess.

16 students attended the two day shoot. Carlos Pena, a digital arts major at San Juan College was excited for the opportunity.

I mean, it's a really fun industry to go into and especially for Farmington, it's a new industry to get into. With Netflix being in Albuquerque and future film writers coming and scoping out the area for new films for Farmington or just New Mexico general area, it would be pretty nice to see more people show up.

Due to COVID complications, it took Luke Renner, film and media arts professor at San Juan College, two years to get the professionals from Stagecoach Foundation to Farmington.

This is open only to San Juan County residents and to go and have this type of training, usually people have to go to , Santa Fey, Las Vegas, and attend trade shows. So being able to have this here, this is great. I have a large number of students that are learning the technical skills and then with the sound students they went in and found out about it on Facebook. And yeah, it's just great.

The film written by local author Judy Castleberry will debut next year at the Jean Cocteau movie house in Santa Fe where it will appear in San Juan county has yet to be announced for more information or to donate go to stage coach Thanks for watching this edition of the local news network. I'm Hannah Robertson.


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