Farmington Police Department, Raising Money for Special Olympics New Mexico


Eight teams lugged an 80,000-pound fire truck 60 feet for Farmington Police Department’s second annual Fire Truck Pull to support Special Olympics New Mexico. Partnered with The Law Enforcement Torch Run, a national non-profit for Special Olympics, the department expects to “pull” in $20,000 with the competition. By Donna K. Hewett. This story is sponsored by Distil Beer, Wine, Spirits and Ace Hardware of Farmington

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For the ultimate tug of war challenge, gloves were permitted and shoes required at the Farmington Police Department's Annual Fire Truck Pull, a fundraiser that supports Special Olympics New Mexico. You're watching the Local News Network, brought to you by Distil Beer Wine Spirits, and ACE Hardware of Farmington. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. Two fire trucks were pulled, simultaneously, as fast as possible, at the Farmington Recreation Center's parking lot on Fairgrounds Road. It was the second year teams dragged an 80,000 pound, fully-decked ladder truck in a double elimination competition. It was also the second year that the Farmington Police Department pulled in $20,000 for the Special Olympics, in part, by partnering with the National Nonprofit Law Enforcement Torch Runs.

We've got eight teams out here today pulling, but of course the biggest point of all of this is under who wins or loses, it's out here to raise money for Special Olympics. And so that's what we're doing out here today, is not only that, but we've got a couple of our, some of our athletes out here pulling, and so rootin' for them. Hopefully, they will come out on top this year.

Special Olympian, Ryan Hanson, led his team in the pull. He's in training for the local Four Corners United Games this summer.

I compete with, for volleyball, fox heat and swimming, and golf and hockey.

Thanks to fundraisers like the Fire Truck Pull, athletes with special needs are also able to compete and train at state and national levels.

We're raisin' money for Special Olympians all across New Mexico. We got people here from Gallup, all across the city. It's a great day.

Farmington Police Chief, Steve Hebbe, participated in the 60-foot competition. Was he tough enough?

We had a great time out here. We didn't do very well. I might have been the weak link. I'm not sure. Nobody's really saying, but it was a great time. It's a great cause.

To enhance the quality of life for our special athletes, get involved at Thanks for watching this edition of the Local News Network. I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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