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Farmington Municipal Schools announces its new superintendent; who should get a second COVID Booster shot, and tips from San Juan County Fire and Rescue to help prevent fires during this spring. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by CMIT Solutions and Traegers Bar

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Farmington municipal schools has announced its new superintendent, selected by the board of directors from a pool of four candidates at a special meeting on April 9th. As COVID case numbers, nationally, start to rise again, and San Juan County numbers lower, confusion abounds about who should get a second booster shot, or if it's even necessary. And San Juan County Fire and Rescue offer tips to help prevent wildfires as the spring winds start blowing. You're watching the Local News Network, brought to you by Traegers and CMIT Solutions. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. At a special meeting on April 9th, the Farmington Municipal School Board announced its selection of Cody L. Deihl as the new superintendent for the school district. Deihl currently serves as the executive director of support services for Farmington Schools, and was selected from a field of four finalists. In a news release, Deihl said, "I pledge to work collaboratively with staff, parents, and community to make sure our system continues to improve, extend, and enhance opportunities for our students." The Farmington Municipal School District enrolls 11,000 students and employs 1,500 staff members. Deihl's first day as superintendent will be July 1st. Before service as the executive director for support services, Deihl was the principal of Bloomfield High School, principal of Kirtland Central High School, and administrative interventionist at River Valley High School in Mohave Valley, Arizona. For more information about FMS, visit In March, as COVID cases are on the rise nationally, the Centers for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration authorized a second dose of a COVID booster shot to individuals 50 years and older, but with cases in the county and the state slowing compared to wintertime, you may be confused about who should get a second booster. As the weather warms up and people spend more time outside, the risk of infection and transmission is considerably lower, and if you've already received the first two shots of the vaccine, studies show that the risk of contracting the virus that causes COVID are significantly lowered. The second booster shot is recommended for individuals above the age of 65, and people of any age with compromised immune systems. This fall and winter, if case numbers start to rise significantly again, then more people might want to consider receiving a booster. To sign up for a shot, or to learn more about the COVID booster, visit Spring winds are picking up, the weather is getting warmer, and San Juan County Fire and Rescue wants everyone to enjoy a safe and fire-free summer. Springtime in San Juan County is one of the busiest fire seasons for fire and rescue, in part, because of those spring winds, so here are some tips to help prevent fires this spring. Keep trees and shrubs near any houses or buildings trimmed and watered, clear away any debris and dead tree limbs from homes, keep decks and patios clear of leaves and pine needles, and try to keep any flammable materials a minimum of 10 feet away from outdoor cooking areas. If you have water hoses, make sure they're easily accessible outside in case of any small fires. If you plan to burn any materials on your property, make sure you have a burn permit and pay attention to daily burn recommendations. For more information, tips, and to keep track of daily fire danger, follow San Juan County Fire and Rescue on Facebook. Thank you for watching this week's local roundup. I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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