Farmington Celebrates New Student Housing at San Juan College


Students will be living on campus at San Juan College for the first time this fall. A grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony was hosted by the San Juan College Foundation. The community had an opportunity to tour the three-level, state-of the art facility, featuring a Great Hall, fancy elevators, and pergola-covered courtyard with a fireplace and a grill. By Donna K. Hewett. This story is sponsored by CMIT Solutions and Boons Family Thai Barbecue.

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It's a sweet life for students at San Juan college in Farmington. After decades of official research and planning, students will be living on campus for the first time this fall. You're watching the local news network, brought to you by Boone's Family Thai Barbecue, and CMIT solutions, and Wendy Graham Settle. With a hundred spectators watching, San Juan College Foundation unveiled its stunning student housing facility with a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremonies.

It's not just a big day for me, but it's a big day for San Juan County. It's a big day for San Juan College and for the state of New Mexico to help us, you know, get students through and and into college. So it's wonderful for everybody

The public toured the nearly 40,000 square foot building that features three floors, fancy elevators, a nice laundry on each level, a community kitchen, and 150 extra long single beds. The San Juan College Board of Trustees named the facility Nizhoni Sunrise Suites, which pays tribute to the dine culture that distinguishes Farmington and its surroundings.

In reference to a home Nizhoni could mean nice or beautiful. But for those that practice dine traditions believe that a beautiful home is built from a balanced place. Meaning a home is on a solid foundation and each detail is given special attention to ensure healthy living. Sunrise is also included in the name, which symbolizes a new day or a new beginning, and opportunities to achieve success.

The lofty entry known as the great room sets the tone of best in class. It's modern clean lines are juxtaposed with native art, metal sculptures, framed weavings, paintings, and murals created by students and faculty members. Outside, a pergola covered courtyard features a gas grill, a fireplace, comfortable tables, and chairs. It's a common area to be shared by students day or night. It's all literally a dream come true. Gail Dean, Executive Director of the San Juan College Foundation, attributes the triumph of student housing at San Juan College to the everlasting support of the local community here.

Their endless support makes dreams come true and we've watched them make other dreams come true time and time again on this campus. And now all of the things that go with dormitory living. We know that it increases chances for completion, for student success, for higher GPAs, for healthy eating, and healthy living. So we watch, as a community, this dream come true.

The security and liberation that on campus housing gives to young students who live far away is palatable.

I'm from Clayton. So that's seven hours this way. So we're over here. I live over here.

Thanks for watching this edition of Local News Network. I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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