Early Voting Begins October 11, Household Hazardous Waste Collection


San Juan County announced the schedule for early voting at the County Clerk’s office, beginning October 11th and running through November 5th. The annual household hazardous waste collection for unincorporated San Juan County will be October 15th. And the grant application deadline for projects addressing the aftermath of the Gold King Mill spill has been extended to October 28th. This story is sponsored by Ace Hardware of Farmington and SunRay Park and Casino

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The early voting schedule at the San Juan County Clerk's office has been announced. Voting begins October 11th. Free hazardous waste day drop off will be Saturday, October 15th, and the grant application deadline for proposals related to the Gold King Mine settlement has been extended to October 28th. You're watching the "Local News Roundup," brought to you by Ace Hardware of Farmington and SunRay Park & Casino. I'm Hayley Opsal. New Mexico voters can cast their ballots beginning October 11th at the San Juan County Clerk's office. The early voting schedule for fall 2022 midterm elections is now available. Voters can cast their ballots at the San Juan County Clerk's office from 7 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday, through October 11th through October 21st. Beginning October 22nd through November 5th, San Juan County Clerk's Office will extend its hours for voting, from 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday, and 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturday. In addition to the county clerk's office, there will be alternative voting locations beginning October 22nd. Alternate locations include the Farmington Museum at Gateway Park, the Farmington Public Library, Bloomfield Cultural Center, CCSD Business Office and the Newcomb Fire Station. Absentee ballots will be available beginning October 11th. The last day to mail in an absentee ballot is November 5th. For more information about voting, visit the county clerk's website at sjcclerk.net or call 505-334-9471. The deadline for grant applications for a share of the $10-million settlement fund from the Gold King Mine spill has been extended to October 28th. The extension is primarily due to requests from smaller organizations struggling with staffing issues to have more time to complete the process. Projects that would be candidates for the grant should help restore and or replace injured natural resources or the services provided or for projects that compensate for the loss of said natural resources, as a result of the spill that occurred in 2015. Once the application is closed, state officials will prepare a restoration plan draft that outlines proposals and prioritizes them for implementation. A public comment period will follow and then a final restoration plan. To learn more about what kinds of proposals will be accepted or to download a form, visit the New Mexico Office of the Natural Resource Trustee at onrt.env.nm.gov. San Juan County announced the annual fall hazardous waste collection event will be Saturday, October 15. Residents of Bloomfield, Kirkland and unincorporated San Juan County are invited to bring household waste to the San Juan County Administration Building from 9 AM to 1 PM. Accepted items include used batteries, household cleaners, gardening chemicals, paints and aerosols, among others. Make sure to bring proof of residency to the cleanup. Visit sjccounty.net for the full list of accepted waste materials and prohibited materials. Farmington residents can sign up for At-Your-Door Pickup of hazardous household waste through the Waste Management program. Sign up online and receive a free kit with instructions on how to dispose of waste materials and Waste Management will pick up the full kit on a specified day. For more information about the At-Your-Door Pickup program or to sign up, visit wmatyourdoor.com. That's it for this week's "Local News Roundup." I'm Hayley Opsal.


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