Crumbl Cookies delights Farmington taste buds


Crumbl Cookies the four-year-old viral cookie brand, has over 6 million followers on TikTok alone, and seven hundred locations across the country. And currently, there’s one nearby on East Main Street in Farmington. Six types of cookies are made from scratch daily. They’re made in the front of the house so customers can watch the process in real time. Crumbl stays open late and delivers by Door Dash. By Donna K Hewett. This story is sponsored by Three Rivers Brewery and CMIT Solutions

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If you're living on this planet, then you've probably heard of Crumbl Cookies. The four year old viral cookie brand has over 6 million followers on TikTok alone, with 700 locations sprinkled across the country. Recently, one has popped up nearby on East Main Street in Farmington. You're watching the Local News Network, brought to you by 3 Rivers Brewery, and CMIT Solutions. I'm Hannah Robertson. Dense, crumbly, and gooey, Crumbl Cookies are prepared in front of the house so you can watch employees measure ingredients, crack eggs, turn on the big mixers, ball the dough, and then bake them in beautiful, open surroundings. Packaged upon order like fine gems in Crumbl's iconic pink boxes, they're big, sugary, and drop-dead gorgeous. All of this has left Farmington locals, according to Crumbl owner Sidney Boer, bedazzled.

Oh my gosh, Farmington, this community has been amazing. They have shown nothing but love and support to us. Opening week, as you probably remember, we had a line out the door for weeks. It was just, it was so humbling to know that we have a community behind us out here.

As the Crumbl chain grew, so did its desire to try new flavors, always keeping things fresh with a weekly rotating menu of four different cookies, while maintaining the ever popular Warm Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie and Cold Pink Sugar Cookie.

Our rotating menu is great. We have six cookies every week, and they rotate weekly. We usually will always have our chocolate chip and our sugar cookie, and then four specialty cookies.

The cookies, which are nearly five inches in diameter, are meant to be cut into bite-size pieces and shared among friends for critique and comparison. Crumbl Cookies is open until 10:00 PM during the week and midnight on weekends for that late night sweet snack attack.

So Crumbl was open on the concept of midnight cookie run. They were open in a small college town in Utah, and there was nothing else like it at the time. And so people were always trying to get their late-night cookie fix, and Crumbl was there for them. So we've kind of kept that concept going.

Crumbl Cookies caters and delivers warm fresh cookies through DoorDash. They cost about $4 each. To order online or to find out what cookies are in rotation, go to the website or check out its Facebook page. Thank you for watching this edition of The Local News Network. I'm Hannah Robertson.


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