Chili Contest, Professional Women's Summit in October


Learn about the Farmington Chamber of Commerce's next big special events scheduled for October, including the annual Chili Contest and the 3rd annual Professional Women's Summit. In addition, the chamber plans to revive the Focus on Farmington Free Coffee networking events.

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I'm Jamie Church, the President and CEO of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce. And we have had a busy summer, but we're already looking forward to fall, with two big events in October. The first is Chili in October. Are you the best green chili cook in the area or are you the best red chili cook in the area? Or is homestyle your thing? We want to know about it. Chili in October is the biggest chili cook-off in the four corners region, right here in Farmington, New Mexico October 2nd at Burke Park. Cash prizes will be awarded for people's choice, so if you are a chili cook and you want to enter in this competition, we want to hear from you. Just give us a call at the Chamber and we'll send you all the information. It's a really fun event with live music, a beer and wine garden, and lots more. So that's Chili in October. The other big event that we have coming up is our third annual Professional Women's Summit. We have a great lineup of speakers this year and we're also going to be featuring and highlighting some local women artists that do art right here in our own community. So if you want to know more about the Women's Summit, again, contact us at the Farmington Chamber of Commerce. We've got a number of business after-hours coming up and another exciting piece of news I want to share is we are starting back with our Networking Focus on Farmington Coffees. So we're going to be starting up with a coffee once a month, and these are free coffees so that you can connect with others in your community and find out everything going on. So thank you for tuning in to what's going on with the Farmington Chamber of Commerce. Please follow us on our Facebook page and we look forward to seeing you at one of our next events.


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