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The Farmington Chamber of Commerce prepares to reinstate its popular special events this summer and fall. Go to

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Hi, I'm Jamie Church, the president and CEO of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce, and welcome to the Chamber Connection. The chamber of commerce has a lot of things going on, and I'm here to help keep you up to date on what's happening with our business community. First, let me say how excited we are to see our businesses opening and events beginning to happen. The chamber has several very important business-related events coming up, including the Small Business Expo and Summit, which will be happening in September. Our business after hours are starting to pick up again. And we're also planning for the third annual Four Corners Women's Summit, which will be happening in October. We also have some fun events going on, such as our Chili in October, huge chili competition,, and that will be happening on October 2nd. So get out those chili recipes and get ready to compete. We want to share what's happening with our business community with you and help to connect you with what's happening with the business community. So stay tuned as we continue with future episodes of the Chamber Connection. Thank you.


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