Casa Blanca Inn Features Nine Individually Decorated Suites


Farmington’s most charming B & B, Casa Blanca Inn and Suites, is a Spanish Colonial hacienda built in the 1950s. Minutes from downtown Main Street, it’s surrounded by gardens, court yards and sparkling water fountains. Each of the nine suites are unique and luxurious with kitchens, king beds and jet tubs. By Donna K. Hewett. This story is sponsored by ServiceMaster Restore and Boons Family Thai Barbecue

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Charmington? In the case of Casa Blanca Inn and Suites in Farmington, the answer is an astounding, "Yes." You're watching the Local News Network, brought to you by Boone's Family Thai Barbecue and Servicemaster Restore. I'm Hannah Robertson. A quaint oasis located in an old residential neighborhood, Casa Blanca Inn overlooks downtown Farmington, a quick skip to a variety of restaurants and one-off shops. The Spanish Colonial Hacienda was built in 1953 by Merrill Taylor. It's surrounded by gardens, courtyards, and sparkling water fountains. The nine enchanted rooms have luxury bedding, fireplaces, kitchens, whirlpool tubs, all for a cost of about $150 a night, including a full, freshly made breakfast.

This room is actually our solarium breakfast room.

[Interviewer} Nice. So, this is where our guests have breakfast. COVID, they weren't allowed to eat in here. They had to go to their rooms. We made them a plate, and then they took them to their rooms. Now that we're back and running after COVID, right here is where we set up our our breakfast buffet.

It's a great base to come back to after exploring Chaco Canyon, the Bisti Wilderness, Mesa Verde, Aztec ruins, the quality waters on the San Juan River, and many other breathtaking destinations the Four Corners offers. At the Casa Blanca Inn, each suite is uniquely decorated.

This is one of our suites. This is called the Chaco Suite, and it is also my handicap room. It's a king bed. It's got a tiny kitchenette. And the owners like all the lights on, because we have a check-in time from three to five. We don't run like a normal chain hotel and man the desks 24/7, so with all the lights being on and people can check themselves in, they're not going to fall or trip.

So how much does a room like this...

This one runs 159 a night. Then of course you have to add your tax in and all that good stuff. And then the bathroom's over here. This bathroom is over here, and they've got the jet tubs in them. They're all decorated kind of different. This one's got the jet tub and then that shower combo.

Scattered throughout the original house are private sitting areas, a living room, library, and a formal dining area. It rates nearly five stars from Tripadvisor.

This wallpaper is the original wallpaper from when Mrs. Taylor put it in in the fifties. And then Mrs. Taylor's portrait is hanging right there on the wall. She's the original lady of the house.

Upstairs, a single cuddly suite is attached to the house's sunroom.

And the sunroom is our plant room, too. So, we have our plants up here. In the wintertime, it's nice and toasty up here. In the summertime, it's really hot, 'cause that sun just bakes in over here. It's baked in all of this. Poor rugs, got sun damage on them.

This is so nice.

Located at 505 East La Plata Street, people come to the Casa Blanca Inn from across the world. Group tours can book the entire place. Thanks for watching this edition of the Local News Network. I'm Hannah Robertson.


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