Bringing Broadband Access to San Juan County

February 21, 2024

Four Corners Economic Development has hired a consultant to implement a $150,000 Just Transition Fund broadband grant, aiming to improve internet access in San Juan County. San Juan College offers paid internships for students through the Center for Student Careers and Employment, assisting them in gaining experience relevant to their degree programs. Free Narcan training sessions are available monthly to educate participants on recognizing and responding to opioid overdoses, with complimentary Narcan kits provided. And, Downtown Farmington introduces Date Night events on the first Friday of each month to promote entertainment and dining options, starting with a film showing, museum visit, and cocktails on March 1st. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by Home2Suites and Durango Motor Company.

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Four Corners Economic Development is one step closer to implementing better broadband access in San Juan County with the hire of a consultant to implement a $150,000 grant. Learn how to safely recognize signs of an opioid overdose and administer Narcan at upcoming Narcan trainings. San Juan College has a variety of paid internships available for students. And mark your calendars for date nights in downtown Farmington. You're watching the "Local News Roundup," brought to you by Home2 Suites and Durango Motor Company. I'm Zach Marqua. Four Corners Economic Development has retained Cory Nelson as the lead consultant to implement a $150,000 Just Transition Fund Broadband Grant. The Transition Fund Grant supports efforts in coordinating and supporting broadband development in San Juan County, which consistently ranks as the top of community-driven strategic priorities for the county. Expanded access to quality internet service is critical to Four Corners' economic development goals, including attracting high wage, location neutral workers, and addressing the challenges for San Juan County families and teachers exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic closures. Nelson will work to centralize the coordination efforts for countywide broadband, seek potential program funding for local broadband access efforts, and coordinate efforts with the Navajo Nation Broadband Office. San Juan College and the Center for Student Careers and Employment have a variety of paid internships available for eligible students. Work up to 20 hours a week in a relevant career field and gain experience towards your degree program with assistance from the center. Learn how to craft a resume, apply for a position and interview while adding valuable experience to your college career. Find more information at the Center for Student Careers and Employment. Learn how to recognize and safely respond to opioid overdoses with free Narcan training on the last Monday of every month. Offered by Safety LLC, the trainings will teach participants how to recognize an opioid overdose, how to administer Narcan and other lifesaving techniques for opioid emergencies. The classes will take place at 612 East Murray Drive at 6:00 PM and all participants will receive a complimentary Narcan kit after completing the training. Get ready for a year of date nights in downtown Farmington. Taking over from the TGIF program, date night is the first Friday of every month, with the goal of bringing people downtown to enjoy unique entertainment and dining options. The first event on March 1st, we'll feature a showing of the film, "Say Anything," at the To Tah Theater, viewing of the collection at the Navajo Arts and Culture Museum and cocktails and music. Make sure to leave time for a meal at one of the downtown restaurants. Learn more about these and other stories online at Thank you for watching this edition of "The Local News Network." I'm Zach Marqua.


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