Blush Esthetic Studio: Innovative Skincare Treatments


Blush Esthetic Studio in downtown Farmington offers a wide-range of advanced, results-driven skin treatment methods for both men and women. By Donna K. Hewett.

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Getting a professional facial can be a beautiful thing. Be indulgent, turn radiant, relax. Licensed aesthetician, Jacque Enriquez, owner of Blush Aesthetic Studio in downtown Farmington will help make you feel pretty on the inside and out. You're watching the Local News Network, brought to you by Farmington ACE Hardware and Express Employment Professionals. I'm Hannah Robertson. The local skincare studio welcomes its Blushed Beauties by appointment only, offering new concepts in skincare for men and women. Like hydrodermabrasion, a non-invasive treatment that uses hydro technology to exfoliate, polish, and detoxify.

The machine, here, has three compartments. The first one is like a pre-cleanse that uses very mild lactic acid to start cleansing and brightening the skin. So I will be doing her first cleanse with this. Suction A. So this right here is like little, they call it, like, little wet kisses, you know, just kind of preps the skin a little bit for the upcoming products.

The key to glowing skin is the exfoliation process.

Our skin goes through this cell turnover process, but as we mature, that process slows down, and once that cell turnover process slows down, that's whenever our skin starts to create, you know, like, an uneven texture or that dullness, we start to see more fine lines and wrinkles, so if we keep up with that cell turnover process, our skin always performs its best. By absorbing the products that you apply on your skin, the absorption rate is much better, and, you know, you just have healthier skin.

After she massages a vitamin mask into the skin with a cold hammer, Enriquez finishes the treatment with a red light to calm and clarify the skin. In addition to her many custom facials, wax packages, brow treatments, and makeup lessons, she offers clients a two hour Nano Needling, a semi-permanent foundation treatment with results lasting up to six months. Costs range from 8 to $125.

Always a one-on-one service, and I always customize the treatment according to your needs.

The studio is next to Alan Theater on West Main street in Farmington. Go to for more details.


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