Biking Adventures Abound in San Juan County

March 13, 2024

The annual hazardous waste collection is on March 23rd invites San Juan County residents to dispose of household waste responsibly. Aztec Adventures’ spring line up includes thrilling races like the Roost the Ridges Enduro and the Galactic Grinder. Leadership San Juan is accepting applications for its 10-month program aimed at enhancing understanding of various sectors in the county, and small business owners can mark their calendars for a networking event on March 26th, hosted by the San Juan College Quality Center for Business. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by Traegers Bar and Northern Edge Casino.

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Spring is here and so is spring cleaning season. The annual spring household hazardous waste collection is Saturday March 23rd. Aztec Adventures has an exciting spring lineup of races with the Roost The Ridges Enduro this weekend and April's Galactic Grinder. Signup is open for the '24, '25 Leadership San Juan class. If you're a small business owner, mark your calendar for the San Juan County Small Business Forum and Networking, Tuesday, March 26th. You're watching the "Local News Roundup", brought to you by Traegers Bar and Northern Edge Casino. I'm Connor Shreve. San Juan County announced the annual spring hazardous waste collection event will be Saturday, March 23rd. Residents of Bloomfield, Kirtland, and unincorporated San Juan County are invited to bring household waste to the San Juan County Administration building from nine to one. Accepted items include batteries, cleaners, gardening chemicals, plants, and aerosols among others. Make sure to bring proof of residency to the cleanup. Farmington residents can sign up for at your door pickup of hazardous household waste through the Waste Management Program. Sign up online and receive a free kit with instructions on how to dispose of waste materials and waste Management will pick up the full kit on a specified day. It's not too late to sign up for Aztec Adventure's Roost The Ridges Enduro event this Saturday. The ride starts at Lion's Wilderness Park and follows 25 miles of ridgeline, including seven Sisters, Lake View and Wild Bills. There are a variety of categories depending on skill level and age, with accommodations for younger riders to ensure everyone has fun. If you're planning to come as a spectator, be aware there is limited parking at Lion's Wilderness Park, so please carpool when you can. If you cannot make this weekend's event, never fear, the Galactic Grinder returns on April 6th. Ride options include nine, 35, and 50 mile rides along mostly dirt paths, perfect for gravel enthusiasts. As with Roost the Ridges, there are a variety of categories and age groups available to anyone and everyone who wants to ride. Applications are now open for Leadership San Juan, the 10 month leadership program designed to help participants learn more about education, government, multicultural and business issues, criminal justice, healthcare, and media in San Juan County. The cost of the program is $800, but there are scholarships available. Applications are due May 15th, and the program begins in August. The commitment is one day a month, beginning in October through May. Join a class of other talented like-minded individuals in San Juan County as part of this year's class. The San Juan Center for Business is hosting the San Juan County Small Business Forum and Networking Event, Tuesday, March 26th. The event is a meeting organized by San Juan College Small Business Development Center and the IRS, it to support and promote valuable resources for small business owners in and around Farmington. The event runs from 9:15 to one at the Quality Center for Business. Learn more about these and other stories online at Thanks for watching this edition of the "Local News Roundup". I'm Connor Shreve.


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